Authentic Large Terra-Cotta Urn From the Historic Yorktowne Hotel

Authentic Large Terra-Cotta Urn From the Historic Yorktowne Hotel

Authentic Large Terra-Cotta Urn From the Historic Yorktowne Hotel




This is an original Vintage, Very Rare, 1964
 Metal, Murray SUPER DIESEL Pedal Tractor with
Murray Dump Trac.

This antique Trolley Seat was converted to a porch swing chair by a local Dover, PA Resident a long time ago. Great black and red speckled paint and some of the original green paint showing through in some spots as well as the original metal hardware on the bottom to where the metal legs that bolted to the trolly floor are still there as well. Great piece that will still give many years of enjoyment and a piece of local history!! This piece is now available on the porch for sale here at the Mall by vendor JAK.​


Vintage Cement Lion Pair

Leo & Lester

Hand Crafted Folk Art Clocks from the estate of the local artist Mr. Fuhrman of Hanover, PA.

Antique, Reading Railroad, R. Co. Steam Coal Shovel

This iconic brand of ride on toys was known for their sturdy & fun pedal tractors with really great designs!
This piece is all original and I believe is only missing the smoke stack that fits on the top and the rubber tubes that
would be on the engine to resemble spark plug wires (these are almost always gone since the rubber they were made with dry rotted).
All paint is original, all decals are original, and this great piece shows very little wear! This model is extremely hard to find, especially
in working, original condition!! These featured ball bearing wheels and semi-pneumatic tires as
well as ball bearing chain drive with motor tone gear shift and a spring type adjustable seat!! Talk about super toy!!!
The color is called flamboyant red as stated in the 1964 catalog page you can see attached to this tractor. The Dump Trac is another great,

all original piece that you get along with the Murray Super Diesel Tractor and features a working dump
bed that you can activate from the seat. Great piece for display or to
add to any collection! This is one hard to find piece of toy history!! This great piece is now available here at the mall in window booth #110!

Authentic York/Dover Open Air Trolley Car Seat Made Into A Porch Swing!!

Antique, Rare Self Sealing Butter Jar Crock Circa Late 1800's

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One of a Kind Local Folk Art Pieces by "PAP"

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We Love History, We love the Story behind an item. On this page we will show you some of the exciting items that have

gone through our mall here at Dover and the stories behind them!!

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In 1901, the York Traction Company (later to become the York Railway Company) developed the first means of public transportation to the Dover Borough from York by means of an electric trolley line. The line was officially opened and inaugurated on November 28th, 1901, and 1600 people were transported from York to Dover via 6 big county cars. Dover hosted an Ox Roast to celebrate that day!
The trip from York to Dover would take approximately 33 minutes, including making a few stops to add passengers. The unofficial opening was the Previous Tuesday and was not promoted or announced so only a hand full of Dover Children got to see the arrival of car #107.
An open summer car, one where a bench like this would be a part of, could hold about 90 passengers. Single fares were 15 cents and round trip would cost you 25 cents. The line made 9 trips daily!
The first trolley cars were horse drawn before being replaced by electrified cars in 1892. Some resources say that the earliest trolley system in this area operated as early at 1886 up to 1939 when gas powered busses made them obsolete. The first line extended from York’s Continental Square westward to Belvidere Avenue. The Continental Square served as a hub with the lines 85 mile trolley network stretched from York Haven to Littlestown (Adams County) and from Dover to just past Windsor. There were 4 “Electric Parks” that went up in York County to help attract riders during off-peak seasons and weekends and in the evenings. Daytimes did well due to the factory workers that rode the trolleys to get to and from the factories. The 4 Parks were: Highland in West Manchester Township, Brookside in Dover Township, Forest in Hanover, and Cold Springs in Manchester

Past Items with histories that have sold here in the past!!