This is a really nice, original pair of cement decorative lions. These would have sat on a pillar or base usually in front of an entrance to a building or home. The staff has lovingly given these brothers the names of Leo and Lester!! These are currently for sale in booth 121 Here at the Dover Antique Mall and waiting for a great home!

Vintage Cement Lion Pair

Leo & Lester

Here is a new and unique piece that came in today!! This is an Antique Hog Lead or Hog Holder by Dr. Rinehart called the Handy Hog Holder Pat Nov. 24th, 1931. These were used by farmers and vets when putting a ring in a hogs nose. The purpose of the rings were mainly to keep the pigs from trying to dig out from under a fence. Vets and Farmers needed a way to safely hold these hogs during this process to keep them safe from the hogs. Pigs may be kind of cute but they can be extremely dangerous animals so this item was invented to help with that problem!! This is currently for sale in booth #3 Here at the Dover Antique Mall and waiting to become part of your collection!

These aren't just cocks, but a beautiful piece of local folk art. The woods are mostly Birch, Hickory, Oak, and Maple. The movements are battery op and some feature chimes. These are currently for sale in booth 177 Here at the Dover Antique Mall and waiting for a great home!

Antique Dr. Rinehart Handy Hog Holder, Pat. date Nov. 24th, 1931

Hand Crafted Folk Art Clocks from the estate of the local artist Mr. Fuhrman of Hanover, PA.

We Love History, We love the Story behind an item. On this page we will show you some of the exciting items that have

gone through our mall here at Dover and the stories behind them!!

These clocks were hand crafted by the late Mr. Fuhrman of Hanover, PA. who crafted these under Fuhrman's Country Crafts. These clocks are lovingly referred to as Fuhrman Clocks. MR. Fuhrman was a retired amputee who spent most of his time hand crafting  his clocks for his family and loved ones and for the local market. These were crafted from patterns which a good many were designed by Rick Longabaugh. Each Swirl, twirl, and Detail was drilled and cut by hand and most of these clocks tOok him 3 months or more to complete.